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The BedRok curriculum is designed for entry-level employees who have no oil & gas experience. BedRok is a six-week course that offers classroom training, hands-on training at our test-well site, and practical field experience working at actual job sites for our industry partner companies.

The FyreRok Academy will be offering additional advanced training schools at a later date.

Our BedRok Curriculum includes:

Introduction To: Drilling Operations, Completions Operation, Production Operations, Oilfield Geology

Technical Training: Intro to Reservoirs, Oilfield Math, Unit Conversion Factors, Oilfield Measurements

Basic Safety Training: Working under High Pressure, Fire Safety, Hydrogen Sulfide, Toxic Vapors, Fatigue Management, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Safe Lifting & Ergonomics

Hands-On Training: Rigging Up, Rigging Down, Pipe Threads, Tank Measurement, Fluid Sampling, Reading & Programming Gages, Valve Operation, Valve & Iron Re-certification

Personal Development: Job-cost Management, Personal Financial Planning, Principles of Leadership & Supervision, Personalities & Working with Others, Communication, Finding a Mentor, Knowing & Enforcing the Standards, Team-building, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Safe Driving: Defensive Driving Class, Commentary Drives, Safe Backing & Ground-Guiding, DOT Hours of Service, Pre-Trip & Post-Trip Inspections, Safe Cab Entry, Trailer Hook-up &Towing

Field Training: Working with various oilfield companies on a crew; Laboring & Learning

Oilfield Certifications: “SAFELAND,” 1st Aid, & CPR