FyreRok is continually looking for opportunities to develop and deploy new technologies that solve problems that may be encountered in the Oil and Gas industry. Currently we have 2 projects underway:

FyreCide 45

FyreRok has developed a process to produce a clean, EPA and FDA-approved biocide onsite for treatment of water both pre-frac and post-frac. Our system intakes salt water and outputs Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), which is a very weak acid (pH ~ 6) and is routinely sprayed on vegetables in grocery stores to kill bacteria.

In 2011 Schlumberger wrote a paper (SPE 141211) about the effectiveness of HOCL as a biocide. In that paper they concluded that HOCL outperforms the traditional “toxic” biocides, however, there were no cost effective means available for practical use on large scale, multi-million gallon frac jobs. Until now. FyreRok has developed a system that enables us to make HOCL on-site, in real time, at rates that keep up with the normal frac injection volumes.

FyreFlo 200

This is a specialized, 2-phase flow measurement device that enables a calculation of the amount of gas and water being produced during post-frac flowbacks.  It's primary application is for use on multi-well flowback operations, where multiple wells have been fracked and are simultaneously flowing back to a common separator.  With our unit, you can determine with reasonable accuracy, the gas:water ratio coming from each well, without the added expense of paying for an individual separator for each well that is part of the flowback process.  Our unit uses modified magnetic flux technology, and mounts on the outside of a normal 1502 flowback pipe, so there are no internal parts that could be destroyed from sand erosion during the flowback period.


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