Contract Field Labor

FyreRok provides contract manpower at a simple day rate.   Our field laborers will have graduated from our 6 week FyreRok Oilfield Academy. Course content includes basic oilfield safety, working around high pressures, fire prevention, oilfield math, reservoir basics, communication, basic leadership, personal financial management, equipment rig-up, safe valve operation, 1502 iron maintenance, testing & recertification, safe driving skills, effective communication, team building, and working with others. In addition to their Oilfield Academy diploma, students will be certified in Safeland, 1st Aid, and CPR.

All field laborers will have a valid driver’s license and will have passed a drug and alcohol test.

Our contract field labor services include post-frac flowback, water transfer, production, frac rig-up, and roustabout services.  

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