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Oilfield Academy

The FyreRok Academy is currently offering the BedRok course for entry level workers with no oil & gas experience. BedRok training incorporates the SAFELAND training and certification.

In the future, we will be offering advanced training courses in the areas of post-frac flow back, production techniques, basic leadership, slickline operations, well testing design & implementation, water transfer, and more.

There are two keys to traveling down the road to six figures – Training and Opportunity.  You will find both at the FyreRok Oilfield Academy!

Training: The FyreRok Oilfield Academy develops the best-trained, best-coached, safest, and most technically proficient workforce in the American oil and gas industry. This academy is a unique, world class training program that offers a blend of classroom, hands-on, and field training. The FyreRok Oilfield Academy training program is designed with a “learn and labor” curriculum, where students will get to apply newly acquired knowledge directly in the field with a participating American oil and gas company.

Opportunity: Field training represents an opportunity for students to be seen by potential industry employers. It is also a chance for students to evaluate potential employers for possible future employment.  Upon graduating, students will have the opportunity to continue to work in the field. We are committed to placing our students with various oil and gas companies until they secure full-time employment.

Coming soon….click here to apply to the FyreRok Oilfield Academy today!