What Does FyreRok Mean? 

The name FyreRok was inspired by the Burning Cliffs of Dorset.

Along the coast of southern England lies the county of Dorset. Upon your visit to this scenic English coastline, you may be lucky enough to see the fascinating, but not uncommon sight – the Burning Cliffs of Dorset. These rock cliffs stand watch over the sand beach along the coast. Throughout history, the Burning Cliffs of Dorset have been known to catch fire naturally, due to the methane that is trapped inside.

burning shale.jpg

Acting as a world class source rock in the North Sea oil fields, the Kimmeridge Clay is a hydrocarbon-bearing organic rock. Buried several miles beneath the North Sea, the clay outcrops within the cliffs of southern England, nearly 500 miles away. Naturally occurring methane trapped within the clay migrates through the rock and finds its way to the atmosphere. Throughout the course of history, this methane has been seen to ignite due to lightening or static sparks. In some cases a single fire can be observed to burn for months before eventually dying out. Thus, the region has been nicknamed “The Burning Cliffs”.