FyreRok Well Testing Services

“Well Testing” is the science of interpreting the relationship between production rate and corresponding pressure change in an oil or natural gas reservoir. 

The most common types of well tests include pressure transient tests (drawdown-buildup or injection-falloff), multi-rate deliverability tests, interference tests, and pressure gradient surveys. Data acquired from these tests can be used for:

  • Calculating key reservoir parameters (permeability, skin factor, reservoir pressure)

  • Locating faults and reservoirs boundaries

  • Forecasting future well performance and estimating EUR

  • Evaluating the success of a stimulation treatment

  • Determining the nature of poor well productivity

  • Identifying problems wells that are workover candidates

  • Quantifying interference effects between wells

  • Optimizing field layout and well spacings

  • Determining fluid levels in a well

FyreRok has a high level of expertise in the design, implementation and analysis of well tests. We have our own surface and downhole pressure instrumentation, as well as light duty slickline to run instruments into the well.  CLICK HERE to contact us to learn more about our well testing services.

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